Australia - Producer Price Index (PPI)

Australia: Producer Price Index (PPI)

Mnemonic PPI.IAUS
Unit 2011-12=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 1.44 %
Data 2022 Q2 120
2022 Q1 118.3

Series Information

Source Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
Release Producer Price Index
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 9/30/1998
End Date 6/30/2022

Australia: Price

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Consumer Price Index (CPI) 2022 Q2 126.1 123.9 2011-12=100, NSA Quarterly
Producer Price Index (PPI) 2022 Q2 120 118.3 2011-12=100, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

This publication contains a range of producer price indexes. Producer price indexes can be constructed as either output measures or input measures. Output indexes measure changes in the prices of sales by a defined sector of the economy while input indexes measure changes in the prices of purchases by a particular economic sector. Index numbers for the recently established producer price indexes, i.e. stage of production and the service industry and construction industry output indexes, are calculated on the reference base year.

The complete suite of producer price indexes are calculated on an index reference period of 2011-12 = 100.0. Prior to the September quarter 2012, indexes were referenced to one of three different index reference periods (1989-90 = 100.0, 1998-99 = 100.0, 2001-02 = 100.0) making it difficult for users to compare index series. Re-referencing all indexes to the same period was implemented in the September quarter 2012. This simplifies comparison of price movements between indexes. As a result of this change, period-to-period percentage changes may differ slightly to those previously published due to rounding. These differences do not constitute a revision.

Index numbers are released as final figures at the time they are first published. Revisions will only occur in exceptional circumstances.