Chile - Residential Building Permits

Chile: Residential Building Permits

Unit #, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 85.34 %
Data Jan 2023 3,559
Dec 2022 24,278

Series Information

Source National Institute of Statistics (INE)
Release Building permits
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1991
End Date 1/31/2023

Release Information

For Chile, Instituto Nacional de Estadisticas (INE) publishes data on construction permits and authorizations at the national level. The number of construction permits submitted per month is reported for both residential and non-residential premises. Authorized construction permits measure the total authorized area (square meters) on a monthly basis.  

  • Measurement:
    • Unitary count (#)
    • Square meters
  • Adjustment: Not seasonally adjusted (NSA) 
  • Native frequency: Monthly
  • Start date: Uniformly 1991m1
  • Geos: Country

Categories 1, 2 and 3 of a building will be determined through a questionnaire that assesses the positive attributes that has a construction.  In determining the attributes, incorporation of new technologies and building materials is considered and may update the classification criteria.

Residential premises include isolated houses and apartments. Non-residential premises (industry, commerce, and financial establishments) include buildings designed for agrucultural production, exploitation of mines and quarries, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade, transportation, communications, and other places not intended for dwelling. 

The Directorate of Municipal Works receives building permit forms directry from the arhitect or engineer requesting the project. Each month, the data is sent directly to the INE for statistical analysis.

Moody's Analytics supplements

For the count of residential new construction permits, we seasonally adjust using the U.S. Census Bureau's X-13 ARIMA program

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