Denmark - Retail Sales

Denmark: Retail Sales

Mnemonic WRT.IDNK
Unit Index 2015=100, SA
Adjustments Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0.19 %
Data Jul 2019 103.6
Jun 2019 103.4

Series Information

Source Statistics Denmark
Release Retail Sales Index
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/2000
End Date 7/31/2019

Denmark: Consumer

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Consumer Confidence Aug 2019 6.3 2.9 %, NSA Monthly
Retail Sales Jul 2019 103.6 103.4 Index 2015=100, SA Monthly
Personal Income 2017 1,090,666,920 1,051,620,050 Ths. DKK Annual

Release Information

The purpose of the Retail Trade Index is to analyse and explain the development in turnover within the different sectors of retail trade, which is the important part of private consumption in Denmark. For evaluations and analysis of this economic trend development and the sectors of retail trade the survey is used.

The retail sales index is for 43 industries and 3 main product categories of food and other groceries, clothing, etc., and other consumer goods. The statistics are based on data collected from major retailers. A sample of around 3500 retail enerprises is conducted by an online form or telephone input and used to collect monthly turnover figures.

Data errors are augmented by comparing the development in revenue among companies that are similar, for example. The collected data are extrapolated to the population, etc., including information on the taxable sales for the last quarter of the entire population of retail companies. The listed turnovers indexed on the industry, item group and total level. Item group and total index are seasonally adjusted.

In the first publication released 20-22 days after the end of the reference period, only publisted figured on 3 main product groups are released.

At first publication of figures on the main commodity groups during the month following publication for the first time figures for the previous month on the detailed industry level.At the same time revised the previously published figures for the main product groups.The time of publication of these figures is 50-52 days.

Two months after the first publication of the main commodity groups, revised figures for the second and last time. At the same time revised trade figures for the same month for the first and only time. Release time of the final figure is 70-72 days for the main categories and Industry figures.

For larger method shifts or observation error, the figures are revised further back in time.This was last done in May 2012, when the whole time series were revised back with new methods