Finland - Consumer Confidence

Finland: Consumer Confidence

Mnemonic CIC.IFIN
Unit Bal. of Opinion, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 9.42 %
Data Mar 2023 -10.77
Feb 2023 -11.89

Series Information

Source Statistics Finland
Release Consumer Confidence
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 10/31/1995
End Date 3/31/2023

Release Information

The statistics on Consumer Confidence express consumers' sentiments, expectations and intentions relating to econominc matters. Consumers' view and expectations on the development of their own and Finland's economy, and intentions on making major purchases, saving money or raising a loan.

The Consumer Confidence Survey is a survey made with a web questionnaire and by telephone interviews, which measures Finnish consumers’ confidence in the economy, that is, views and expectations about the development of their own and Finland’s general economic situation. The survey also examines consumers' intentions of making major purchases, saving and raising loans.

The source writes:

The balance figures are obtained by deducting the weighted proportion of negative answers from that of positive answers.

The consumer confidence indicator (CCI/A1) is the average of the balance figures for the CCI components. The components of the new CCI are: consumer's own economy now (B1), consumer's own economy in 12 months (B2), Finland's economy in 12 months (B4) and consumer's spending money on major purchases in the next 12 months compared to the past 12 months (E1). The balance figures and the confidence indicator can range between -100 and +100 – the higher (positive) balance figure, the brighter the view on the economy.

The source occasionally makes revisions to improve the quality of the data. Often the data is revised as a result of more information being available. Changes in the way data is calculated might also be a reason for revisions. If there are substantial revisions the source will explain the reasoning for the changes in a separate statistical release.