Netherlands - Net Migration

Netherlands: Net Migration

Mnemonic NM.INLD
Unit #
Annual 19.25 %
Data 2019 129,908
2018 108,940

Series Information

Source Statistics Netherlands
Release Components of Change
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/1960
End Date 12/31/2019

Netherlands: Demographics

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Population Dec 2022 17,815,508 17,813,121 #, NSA Monthly
Births 2021 179,441 168,681 # Annual
Deaths 2021 170,972 168,678 # Annual
Net Migration 2019 129,908 108,940 # Annual
Birth Rate 2015 10.1 10.4 # per Ths. pop. Annual
Death Rate 1996 8.9 8.8 # per Ths. pop. Annual

Release Information

For the Netherlands, demographic components of change: births, deaths, balance of migration. For the country, NUTS 2 areas, and NUTS 3 areas.

  • Measurement: Unitary count (#)
  • Adjustment: Not applicable
  • Native frequency: Annual
  • Start date: As early as 1960
  • Geo coverage:
    • Country
    • NUTS 2 areas (INLD_^^)
    • NUTS 3 areas (INLD_^^^)

The source writes:

Until October 1994, with a few exemptions, persons with the Dutch nationality were registered if they planned to stay for more than 30 days. For persons who did not have a Dutch passport the corresponding period was 180 days. From October 1994, the requirements for registration are met, both for Dutch residents and non-Dutch residents, if the anticipated length of stay in the first six months after settlement is at least four months. Up to 1987 data may differ from other published data on StatLine. This is due to differences between the data files used by Statistics Netherlands and the official data as published in 'Loop van de bevolking per gemeente'.

Entry in and removal from the municipal population register for reasons other than birth, death, arrival, departure or municipal boundary change. The majority of administrative corrections refer to persons who are no longer living in their former place of residence, usually because they have settled in a foreign country. Administrative corrections resulting in registration usually concern persons who have been found (in their former place of residence or elsewhere) and are entered into the municipal population registers. This explains why the net administrative corrections are included in emigration (and net migration) but not in immigration.

Net administrative corrections: Administrative entries minus administrative removals.

Administrative entry: Decision by a municipality, at the request of the person concerned, to include that person in its population while it has no knowledge of birth, immigration or establishment of that person from another municipality in the Netherlands.

Administrative removal: Decision by a municipality no longer to include a person in its population, once it has established that the address of the person is unknown, the person cannot be contacted and probably no longer resides in a municipality in the Netherlands.


Live born child
A baby showing some sign of life after birth, regardless of the duration of pregnancy. Live born children are recorded in the municipality of residence of the baby's mother (or occasionally the father). It is, therefore, not necessarily the municipality where the birth occurred.1960-1962: excluding live born children after a pregnancy lasting less than 26 weeks deceased before registration of birth.
Person declared dead by an authorized doctor. Deaths represent the number of deaths in the 'de jure' population of the municipality of residence of the deceased, not the municipality where the death occurred.1960-1962: excluding live born children after a pregnancy lasting less than 26 weeks deceased before registration of birth.
Natural increase
The number of live born children minus the number of deaths within a given period.
Arrivals in municipality
Arrivals in the municipality due to immigration or intermunicipal move.
People moving to the Netherlands from another country.
Intermunicipal move
A move from one municipality to another.

All data recorded in this publication are final data.

The production method for data on population dynamics has been changed in 2014. As a result data for 2013 may vary between tables. The differences are minimal and only occur in data for 2013.

Subnational geographies are subject to changes on their boundaries for each release. More information is available in "Further Reading" links below, and in the Data Buffet as "Geo Reference Files"

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