Philippines - Producer Price Index (PPI)

Philippines: Producer Price Index (PPI)

Mnemonic PPI.IPHL
Unit Index 2018=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0.03 %
Data Nov 2021 92.69
Oct 2021 92.66

Series Information

Source Philippine Statistics Authority
Release Producer Price Index
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1993
End Date 11/30/2021

Philippines: Price

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Consumer Price Index (CPI) Dec 2021 130.8 130.4 Index 2012=100, NSA Monthly
Producer Price Index (PPI) Nov 2021 92.69 92.66 Index 2018=100, NSA Monthly
Wholesale Price Index Oct 2021 121.8 121.1 Index 2012=100, NSA Monthly

Release Information

For the Philippines, the Producers Price Index (PPI) for Manufacturing is a composite figure of producer's prices of representative commodities included in the market basket.

The PPI serves various purposes, the most important of which are: to measure monthly or yearly changes in the producer's price of key commodities in the manufacturing sector, to serve as deflator to Value of Production Index (VaPI) in the estimation of the Volume of Production Index (VoPI), and to serve as deflator in the estimation of manufacturing production in real terms (at constant prices) in the system of national accounts.


  • Classification: PSIC 2009
  • Measurement: Fixed-base value index relative to 2018 (Index 2018=100)
  • Adjustment: Not seasonally adjusted (NSA)
  • Native frequency: Monthly
  • Start date: Uniformly 2018m1


  • 2000=100 and PSIC 1994 - 2006* to 2020 (* some series extended)
  • 1994=100 - 2000 to 2007

Moody's Analytics supplement

We extend the history of the general index to 1993m1. We produce a seasonally adjusted counterpart to the extended general index, using X-13ARIMA-SEATS.