Slovak Republic - Government Budget Balance

Slovak Republic: Government Budget Balance

Unit Mil. EUR, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 11.61 %
Data May 2022 -1,545
Apr 2022 -1,384

Series Information

Source Ministry of Finance - Slovak Republic
Release Central Government Budget
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/2008
End Date 5/31/2022

Slovak Republic: Government

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Government Budget Balance May 2022 -1,545 -1,384 Mil. EUR, NSA Monthly
Government Expenditures May 2022 8,335 6,617 Mil. EUR, NSA Monthly
Government Revenues May 2022 6,790 5,233 Mil. EUR, NSA Monthly
Gross External Debt 2021 Q4 0 0 USD, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt 2021 Q4 61,259,407 58,708,397 Ths. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt - Domestic 2021 Q4 30,878,690 28,790,767 Ths. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt - Foreign 2021 Q4 30,380,717 29,917,630 Ths. EUR, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

For Slovakia: Operations of the central government budget only, and excludes all extra budgetary accounts, including the state funds, and the social, health security and privatization funds. Total revenue, total expenditure and the deficit/surplus are available as well as the percent fulfilled of the budget at the end of the reference period. Data is presented as cumulative. Total revenue includes tax revenues, non-tax revenues, grants and transfers, and other miscellaneous revenues. Total expenditure includes current, capital and miscellaneous expenditures. Monthly.

Central government operations data are organized in accordance with the national budget classification for the central government budget. The data source for reporting on revenues (including grants), expenditure, and financing of the state budget is the State Treasury. The State Treasury as fiscal agent of Central Government records data for the revenue and expenditure accounts of the central government.

The reported data on central government does not include data on institutions that cover social and health insurance, and insurance in unemployment, units responsible for the privatization of the state property (National Property Fund, Slovak land Fund), the other state funds, universities, and institutions managed by government, responsible for management of bad claims (Slovak consolidation agency, Veritel).

The data are preliminary when first released and are the subject to revision  next month after the first dissemination  when  released as final. The final data for December are released as part of the data on general government operations, no later than the following June 30.