Thailand - House Price Index for Existing Homes

Thailand: House Price Index for Existing Homes

Mnemonic HPIX.ITHA
Unit Index Jan2009=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0 %
Data Sep 2021 153.7
Aug 2021 153.7

Series Information

Source The Bank of Thailand
Release House Price Index (Commercial Bank Mortgage Loan)
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 3/31/2008
End Date 9/30/2021

Thailand: Real Estate

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Building Permits Dec 2022 5,166 4,946 m², NSA Monthly
House Price Index Dec 2022 156.5 155.1 Index 2011=100 3-mo MA, NSA Monthly
Non-residential Building Permits Dec 2022 3,490 6,869 #, NSA Monthly
House Price Index for Existing Homes Sep 2021 153.7 153.7 Index Jan2009=100, NSA Monthly

Release Information

For Thailand, housing price indexes are compiled by the Real Estate Market Research Department, Real Estate Information Center, and reported by the Bank of Thailand. 


  • Pool: Commercial banks
  • Measurement: Fixed-base index relative to 2011 (Index 2011=100)
  • Cumulation: Three-month moving average (3-mo MA)
  • Adjustment: Not seasonally adjusted (NSA)
  • Native frequency: Monthly
  • Start date: Uniformly 2011m1
  • Geo coverage:
    • Country
    • Bangkok metro region (ITHA_BNK6)
    • Thailand excl. Bangkok metro region (ITHA_OTX6)
  • All concept-geo pairs exist: No


  • Mortgages at commercial banks, 2009=100 - 2008m1 to 2021m9
  • Mortgages at GHB, 1991=100 - 1991Q1 to 2011Q2

In these statistics, the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (literally, "Bangkok and environs") is a political definition comprising six provinces: Bangkok itself, plus Nakhon Pathom, Nonthanburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakan, and Samut Sakhon.

Index 2011=100

The four indicators are now categorized as the residential property price index (RPPI) and land price index (LPI).

Index 2009=100

This set of house price indices comprises four indicators: single detached house with land, town house with land, condominium, and land.

The indexes were calculated from 17 commercial banks’ mortgage loan in Bangkok and vicinities (Bangkok, Samut Prakan, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Nakhon Pathom and Samut Sakhon).

Single detached house with land, town house with land, and condominium price indexes were compiled by using rolling window and time dummy hedonic regressions method (3-month moving average), controlling four housing characteristics (age, stories, entrepreneur, and distance to metropolitan transportation services such as the Skytrain, the underground and expressway). The land price index has been constructed by stratification with monthly weight (3-month moving average).

Index 1991=100

They're based on the Government Housing Bank (GHB) appraisal database. GHB accounts for nearly 40% of total housing loans. The indexes are limited in that GHB loans comprise mostly the low-to-medium end of the housing market, and are concentrated on the periphery of central Bangkok and vicinity.

Yes, when updated data become available.