Turkey - Real Imports of Goods and Services

Turkey: Real Imports of Goods and Services

Mnemonic IM$.ITUR
Unit Ths. Ch. 2009 TRY, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 14.05 %
Data 2022 Q3 111,394,748
2022 Q2 97,675,338

Series Information

Source Turkish Statistical Institute (Turkstat)
Release Quarterly accounts
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/1987
End Date 9/30/2022

Turkey: Trade

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Balance of Goods Dec 2022 -8,089 -7,193 Mil. USD, NSA Monthly
Current Account Balance Dec 2022 -5,910 -4,049 Mil. USD, NSA Monthly
Exports of Goods Dec 2022 22,880 21,718 Mil. USD, NSA Monthly
Imports of Goods Dec 2022 30,969 28,911 Mil. USD, NSA Monthly
Exports of Goods and Services 2022 Q3 1,635,952,499 1,355,449,062 Ths. TRY, NSA Quarterly
Imports of Goods and Services 2022 Q3 1,784,708,648 1,503,000,155 Ths. TRY, NSA Quarterly
Net Exports 2022 Q3 -148,756,149 -147,551,093 Ths. TRY, NSA Quarterly
Real Exports of Goods and Services 2022 Q3 139,365,311 129,294,410 Ths. Ch. 2009 TRY, NSA Quarterly
Real Imports of Goods and Services 2022 Q3 111,394,748 97,675,338 Ths. Ch. 2009 TRY, NSA Quarterly
Real Net Exports 2022 Q3 27,970,562 31,619,072 Ths. Ch. 2009 TRY, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

For Turkey, quarterly national accounts in current and constant (2009) prices, or chain-linked volume indices. The expenditure, production and income approaches are reported, as well as their components and subcomponents.

Gross Domestic Product is a value which is equal to the sum of the values of all goods and services produced by resident institutional units engaged in domestic production activities in an economy in a given period of time, minus the total inputs which are used in the production of these goods and services.  


  • National accounts framework: ESA 2010
  • Industry classification: NACE Rev. 2
  • Measurements:
    • Thousands of Turkish lira at chained year-2009 prices (Ths. Ch. 2009 TRY)
    • At current prices (Ths. TRY)
    • Chained volume index relative to 2009 (Ch. Vol. Index 2009=100)
    • Year-over-year growth rate
  • Adjustments:
    • Calendar day adjusted, seasonally adjusted (CDASA)
    • Calendar day adjusted (CDA)
    • Seasonally adjusted (SA)
    • Not seasonally adjusted (NSA)
  • Native frequency: Quarterly
  • Start dates:
    • GDP(E) 1987Q1
    • GDP(I) most at 1998Q1
    • GDP(O) 1998Q1


  • NACE 1.1, 1998 TRY - 1998Q1 to 2016Q2 ("_N11")
  • NACE 1.1, 1998 TRY - 1998Q1 to 2013Q4 ("_N11")
  • 1987 TRL - 1987Q1 to 2007Q3 ("_87")

Producer price is the basic price plus taxes on the output invoiced to the purchaser less subsidies received by the producer from the government. 

Purchasers’ price is the amount paid by the buyer for a unit of output less any taxes invoiced by the seller but deductible by the purchaser. It should be equal to the producer price plus transport costs and trade margins on products, which are not separately invoiced.

Quarterly Domestic Account by kind of economic activity at current and constant prices is estimated for Turkey. Kind of economic activities covered by Gross Domestic Product are given below:

  • Agriculture; forestry; fishing
  • Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Services
  • Information and communications
  • Financial and insurance
  • Real estate
  • Professional; administrative; support services
  • Public administration; education; human health; social work
  • Other services

Compensation of employees  as a component of value added may be paid to residents or to non residents by resident producers. Compensation of employees has two main components: 

  1. Wages and salaries in cash and in kind
    1. Wages and salaries in cash
    2. Wages and salaries in kind
  2. The value of the social contributions payable by employers
    1. Employers' actual social contributions
    2. Employers' imputed social contributions

Wages and salaries in cash include all payments employees receive directly for their work, including commissions, tips, special or recurrent bonuses. The amounts are recorded before deductions for the employees own contributions to social security, payment of income taxes etc. Employers’ contributions to social security schemes and the social benefits in kind are included in total value of compensation of employees. Included are also employers’ contributions to the saving fund and to the housing fund, on behalf of their employees. But the payments of retirement pensions and of severance allowances are excluded from compensation of employees.

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