Ukraine - Births

Ukraine: Births

Mnemonic BTH.IUKR
Unit # YTD, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 93.36 %
Data Jan 2022 18,062
Dec 2021 271,984

Series Information

Source State Statistics Service of Ukraine
Release Migration and Natural Movement of the Population
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/2003
End Date 1/31/2022

Ukraine: Demographics

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Births Jan 2022 18,062 271,984 # YTD, NSA Monthly
Deaths Jan 2022 57,248 714,263 # YTD, NSA Monthly
Population Jan 2022 41,148,884 41,377,845 #, NSA Monthly
Net Migration Dec 2019 21,512 16,456 # YTD, NSA Monthly
Birth Rate 2016 10.3 # per Ths. pop. Annual
Death Rate 2013 14.6 # per Ths. pop. Annual

Release Information

 The dataset represents the number of total, urban and rural present population, births, deaths, natural population growth, infant mortality and migration of the population. Total population is available also seasonally adjusted and for subnational areas.

Starting 2014, the source provides datasets for present and resident population. Present population is resident (permanent) population + temporary residents (the ones which declared they will leave soon) - temporary abroad (the ones that are abroad but will return at some point).
Resident population is resident (permanent) population.

Natural population growth is the difference between numbers of births and deaths in a population.  The number of births only includes live-births.  Infant mortality is the number of infants who died before they were 365 days old (from 0 through 364 days of age).

Migration of the population is sorted according to area of migration:

1)      International migration:

  • Arrivals (subnational data available)
  • Departures (subnational data available)
  • Total net migration (total arrivals - total departures)

2)      Domestic migration:

      • Total (subnational data aggregate)

Statistical data on the population size, vital statistics (birth and death, marriage and divorce rates) and migration are compiled on the universal enumeration base and cover all natural persons permanently residing in Ukraine, including those temporarily absent. Full coverage of all events of vital statistics and migration related to the changing place of permanent residence is ensured.

The ongoing tracking of migrants is assigned to internal affairs authorities, which are responsible for registration of the place of residence.  Cases of changes in permanent residence are subject to statistical recording.

The bodies of state statistics receive on a monthly basis primary administrative data on vital statistics and migration of the population.  Data are processed and result of processing as a cumulative sum during the year is received monthly.

Current population estimates are based on the most recent population census results, population registration records and registration cards of the place of residence. Population censuses are commonly carried out every 10 years.

Population estimates are performed monthly as of the beginning of the month and annually as of January 1st on the basis of the results of the last population census, to which the numbers of births and arrivals in a given territory are added and the numbers of deaths and departures from a given territory are subtracted.

Data may be subject to revisions.