Ukraine - Primary Industries Employment

Ukraine: Primary Industries Employment

Mnemonic EPRI.IUKR
Unit Ths., NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Annual 2.83 %
Data 2012 3,506
2011 3,410

Series Information

Source State Statistics Service of Ukraine
Release Labor: Economic Activity of population
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/2000
End Date 12/31/2012

Ukraine: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Labor Force 2021 Q4 17,405 17,479 Ths. # MA YTD, NSA Quarterly
Labor Force Employment 2021 Q4 15,693 15,798 Ths. # MA YTD, NSA Quarterly
Total Employment 2021 Q4 15,693 15,798 Ths. # MA YTD, NSA Quarterly
Unemployment 2021 Q4 1,711 1,680 Ths. # MA YTD, NSA Quarterly
Unemployment Rate 2021 Q4 10.5 9.1 %, NSA Quarterly
Wage & Salaries 2021 Q4 595,893 552,503 Mil. UAH, NSA Quarterly
Agriculture Employment 2017 3,060,397 3,117,421 # Annual
Primary Industries Employment 2012 3,506 3,410 Ths., NSA Annual

Release Information

The employed are persons aged 15-70 who during the reference week were employed at least one hour: 

• to receive cash or in kind payment they worked individually (self-employed) or were employed by other individuals or worked at their own (family) enterprise

• worked for free at enterprise or business that belongs to any member of household, were employed at private subsidiary agriculture in order to sell products produced as a results of this activity   

• persons who were temporally absent from work, i.e. were formally attached to a work place, had their own enterprise (business) but did not work during the reference period due to the some reasons

The employed population does not include the persons who perform unpaid civil or voluntary work and the persons who are engaged in household chores only. 

Within the framework of the labor force concept, employment has priority over any other type of economic activity/inactivity.

Indicators of economic activity, employment and unemployment are derived from the sample surveys of the population (households) on economic activity (referred as labor force surveys - LFS). The LFS methodology is consistent with the current ILO and EU methodology and definitions of the basic indicators for economic activity of the population.

Employment indicators are produced on the basis of the labor force surveys data that have been conducted by the state statistics offices since 1995. In 1995-1998, the surveys were carried out  on a annual and quarterly basis and starting January 2004, the data was released with a monthly frequency as well.

Starting 2014, the source presents the data excluding Crimea and Sevastopol.

Data are revised due to changes in methodology, survey design and basing on results of the population census. Particularly, the recent revision was made in 2005. The basic indicators of economic activity of the population for 1999-2003 have been revised in order to make them consistent with the new demographic structure of the population which was obtained as a result of the 2001 Ukrainian population census. Further revision expected.