Australia - Residential Building Permits

Australia: Residential Building Permits

Unit #, SA
Adjustments Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 7.57 %
Data Sep 2019 14,004
Aug 2019 13,018

Series Information

Source Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)
Release Residential Building Approvals
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 7/31/1983
End Date 9/30/2019

Australia: Real Estate

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Building Completions 2019 Q3 29,703,570 29,849,766 Ths. Ch. AUD, SA Quarterly
House Price Value 2019 Q3 526,513 522,360 AUD, NSA Quarterly
Non-residential Building Completions 2019 Q3 11,435,070 10,997,510 Ths. Ch. AUD, SA Quarterly
Residential Building Completions 2019 Q3 16,051,865 16,633,059 Ths. Ch. AUD, SA Quarterly
Residential Building Permits Sep 2019 14,004 13,018 #, SA Monthly
House Price Index 2019 Q2 137.66 139.69 2011-2012=100 Index, SA Quarterly
Housing Starts 2019 Q2 25,513 28,518 #, SA Quarterly
Residential Housing Starts 2019 Q2 20,362 16,823 #, SA Quarterly

Release Information

In Australia, the Residential Building Approval statistics are compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This publication provides the number and value of dwelling units approved by sector (public/private) and by state, number and value of new other residential dwelling units approved by type of building, and the number and value of non-residential building jobs approved by type of building (i.e. by function such as 'retail and wholesale trade', 'offices') and value ranges.

Data is updated every month.

Statistics of building work approved are compiled from:

  • permits issued by local government authorities and other principal certifying authorities
  • contracts let or day labour work authorised by commonwealth, state, semi-government and local government authorities
  • major building approvals in areas not subject to normal administrative approval e.g. building on remote mine sites.

The scope of the survey comprises the following:

  • construction of new buildings
  • alterations and additions to existing buildings
  • approved non-structural renovation and refurbishment work
  • approved installation of integral building fixtures

Data is revised when new data becoms available each month.

The national and states level data may have discrepancies due to the seasonally adjustment process by the ABS. The estimate of the states data were seasonally adjusted separately. The national total is then seasonally adjusted at the national level.