Cyprus - Stock Market Index

Cyprus: Stock Market Index

Mnemonic SPI.ICYP
Unit Index 9mar2004=1000 EOP
Annual 30.43 %
Data 2022 89.55
2021 68.66

Series Information

Source Statistical Service of the Republic of Cyprus (CYSTAT)
Release Comparative Indicators
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/2004
End Date 12/31/2022

Cyprus: Markets

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Average Long-term Government Bond Feb 2023 4.12 4.19 % p.a., NSA Monthly
Stock Market Index 2022 89.55 68.66 Index 9mar2004=1000 EOP Annual
Lending Rate Jun 2008 5 5 % Monthly
Money Market Rate Dec 2007 4.57 4.57 % p.a., NSA Monthly
Treasury Bills (over 31 days) Mar 2007 3.61 3.56 % p.a., NSA Monthly

Release Information

For Cyprus, the Main Economic Indicators/Comparative Indicators report published by Cystat consolidates annual values in construction, energy, manufacturing, prices, trade, etc. The Data Buffet extract contains five select series. Annual.

  • Measurements:
    • Thousands of kilowatt-hours (Ths. kWh)
    • Thousands of metric tons (Mil. kg)
    • Stock price index relative to 9 March 2004 (Index 9Mar2004=1000)
    • Stock price index relative to 29 March 1996 (Index 29Mar1996=100)
    • Millions of euros (Mil. EUR)
    • Millions of Cypriot pounds (Mil. CYP)
  • Adjustment: Not applicable
  • Native frequency: Annual
  • Start date: As early as 1995


  • Consumption of electricity - kilowatt-hours, based on bimonthly data
  • Sales of petroleum products - metric tons
  • Cyprus stock exchange share price index - March 9, 2004=100, EOP
  • Monetary deposits - EOP
  • Monetary loans - EOP

Stock exchange: On January 2, 2006 the old CSE General Index was replaced by the Index of Main and Parallel market (introduced on September 3, 2004), which was renamed as the CSE General Index.

Monetary statistics include Monetary Financial Institutions (MFIs) but exclude the Central Bank of Cyprus. MFIs comprise all credit institutions operating in Cyprus including Co-operative Credit Institutions (CCIs) and former International Banking Units (IBUs).


The report contains a mix of indicators, whose annual values are updated at different times, so the Data Buffet calendar is necessarily approximate. CYSTAT does not provide an advance release calendar with line-item specificity.