Hungary - Money Market Rate

Hungary: Money Market Rate

Mnemonic IRMM.IHUN
Unit %, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Data Sep 2022 11.38
Aug 2022 10.27

Series Information

Source National Bank of Hungary (MNB)
Release Interbank Lending
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/2000
End Date 9/30/2022

Hungary: Markets

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Lending Rate 28 Nov 2022 13 13 Percent, NSA Daily
Stock Market Index 25 Nov 2022 45,715 45,276 Index Jan 2 1991=1000, NSA Business Daily
Average Long-term Government Bond Oct 2022 10.25 9.23 % p.a., NSA Monthly
Treasury Bills (over 31 days) Oct 2022 12.21 10.27 % p.a., NSA Monthly
Money Market Rate Sep 2022 11.38 10.27 %, NSA Monthly

Release Information

The National Bank of Hungary (MNB) reports monthly interbank lending interest rates and turnovers of unsecured interbank lending transactions. The following types of transactions are included in the data set: overnight, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month. Interbank lending interest rates are in percentages (%). Turnovers of unsecured interbank lending transactions in billions of Hungarian Forints (Bil. HUF). All figures are not seasonally adjusted (NSA).

Unsecured interbank loans are weighted by the total turnover of the reference month. Interbank lending interest rates represents a monthly average of the reference month. Data is updated at the end of the month with a one month lag. 

Concurrent with the dissemination of the October 2016 data, transactions for the reference month are on a trade-day basis. Prior data for the reference month was observed on a value-day basis.

Data is subject to revisions. 

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