Indonesia - Exports of Goods

Indonesia: Exports of Goods

Mnemonic TREG.IIDN
Unit Mil. USD, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 1.1 %
Data Dec 2022 23,828
Nov 2022 24,094

Series Information

Source Statistics Indonesia of the Republic of Indonesia
Release Foreign Trade (Part 1, top line)
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1999
End Date 12/31/2022

Indonesia: Trade

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Balance of Goods Dec 2022 3,888 5,131 Mil. USD, NSA Monthly
Exports of Goods Dec 2022 23,828 24,094 Mil. USD, NSA Monthly
Imports of Goods Dec 2022 19,939 18,962 Mil. USD, NSA Monthly
Current Account Balance 2022 Q3 4,376 4,023 Mil. USD, NSA Quarterly
Exports of Goods and Services 2022 Q3 1,335,513 1,217,536 Bil. IDR, NSA Quarterly
Imports of Goods and Services 2022 Q3 1,102,162 1,007,962 Bil. IDR, NSA Quarterly
Net Exports 2022 Q3 233,350 209,573 Bil. IDR, NSA Quarterly
Real Exports of Goods and Services 2022 Q3 824,456 748,941 Bil. 2010 IDR, NSA Quarterly
Real Imports of Goods and Services 2022 Q3 627,378 581,654 Bil. 2010 IDR, NSA Quarterly
Real Net Exports 2022 Q3 197,077 167,287 Bil. 2010 IDR, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

Value of external merchandise trade for Indonesia, broken out by major categories ("oil and gas" and other) and by major trading partners. Monthly from 2002.

The main data compiled are based on the documents of import-export declaration issued by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise. In addition since 2015 export data also comes from PT. Pos Indonesia, notes other agencies at the border and cross-sea border trade survey results. Data obtained from the compilation and survey.

Figures are in U.S. dollars.

Data are revised each month when new data becomes available.

Data Buffet previously carried the three components of oil and gas, and detail by commodity.