Italy - Government Revenues

Italy: Government Revenues

Unit Mil. EUR, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 21.5 %
Data 2021 Q2 206,789
2021 Q1 170,192

Series Information

Source Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT)
Release General Government
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/1999
End Date 6/30/2021

Italy: Government

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Government Budget Balance 2021 Q2 -33,142 -53,449 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Government Expenditures 2021 Q2 239,931 223,642 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Government Revenues 2021 Q2 206,789 170,192 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Gross External Debt 2021 Q2 0 0 USD, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

The dataset includes information about:

  • Revenue, broken down by current and capital account, and by economic type (direct and indirect taxes, social contributions, etc.).
  • Expenditure, broken down by current and capital account and by economic type (salaries; social transfers and interest payments).
  • Balance (deficit/surplus) as the difference between revenue and expenditure.

Revenue and expenditure are national accounts based and are consistent with ESA 95. They are compiled by the National Institute of Statistics, based on Treasury information.

The data are recorded on a cash basis. The fiscal year is the same as the calendar year.

The data are semi-final when first released. Revisions are not usually relevant, unless unforeseen events occur.