Italy - Producer Price Index (PPI)

Italy: Producer Price Index (PPI)

Mnemonic PPI.IITA
Unit Index 2015=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 2.89 %
Data Dec 2022 163.6
Nov 2022 159

Series Information

Source Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT)
Release Producer Price Index
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1981
End Date 12/31/2022

Italy: Price

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Consumer Price Index (CPI) Dec 2022 119 118.7 Index 2015=100, NSA Monthly
Producer Price Index (PPI) Dec 2022 163.6 159 Index 2015=100, NSA Monthly
Wholesale Price Index 1996 103.66 100 Index 2010 = 100 Annual

Release Information

The producer price index measures variations over time in the prices of goods sold by industrial producers within the domestic market. It is expressed as a Laspeyres index.  The index covers products considered most representative of the goods sold in Italy by industrial enterprises resident in the country.

The index is constructed as follows: (a) calculation by product and by firm of the ratios between surveyed prices and the corresponding price in the base year; (b) calculation of a national index by product using a simple arithmetic mean of the preceding indexes relative to the various firms; (c) calculation of the national aggregate indices using a weighted mean derived from other indices.

Thousands of observations each month are obtained from around 3,000 establishments. Prices are ex-factory, net of VAT and any other type of charges borne by the purchaser and defined in accordance with contractual language commonly in use.

The data are subject to monthly revisions. The index is rebased approximately every five years.