Kuwait - Exports of Goods

Kuwait: Exports of Goods

Mnemonic TREG.IKWT
Unit Mil. KWD, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 1.34 %
Data 2019 Q4 4,676
2019 Q3 4,739

Series Information

Source Central Bank of Kuwait
Release Foreign Trade
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/1994
End Date 12/31/2019

Kuwait: Trade

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Balance of Goods 2019 Q4 2,084 2,243 Mil. KWD, NSA Quarterly
Exports of Goods 2019 Q4 4,676 4,739 Mil. KWD, NSA Quarterly
Imports of Goods 2019 Q4 2,591 2,495 Mil. KWD, NSA Quarterly
Current Account Balance 2018 6,158 2,913 Mil. KWD, NSA Annual
Exports of Goods and Services 2017 18,269 15,745 Mil. KWD Annual
Imports of Goods and Services 2017 17,426 16,040 Mil. KWD Annual
Net Exports 2017 843.3 -295.3 Mil. KWD Annual
Real Exports of Goods and Services 2017 25,960 26,835 Mil. 2010 KWD Annual
Real Imports of Goods and Services 2017 16,105 14,450 Mil. 2010 KWD Annual
Real Net Exports 2017 9,854 12,384 Mil. 2010 KWD Annual

Release Information

These trade series are quarterly and cover exports (total, non-oil vs oil), imports (total), and trade balance.  The data are not seasonally adjusted.

Data on merchandise trade are compiled by the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) and the Central Statistical Office (CSO), which is part of the Ministry of Planning. Data on exports of crude oil and oil products are provided by the Ministry of Oil (MO) to the CBK. MO data provided to the CBK show quantity shipped by type of product and the average free on board (f.o.b.). price for each product. These data are used by the CBK to estimate the value of exports for each month. Data on f.o.b. exports and imports, including nonmonetary gold, valued on a cost, insurance, and freight (c.i.f.) basis are provided by the CSO and are based on customs returns. The c.i.f. imports are adjusted to the f.o.b. basis by deducting 15 percent for the cost of freight (14 percent) and insurance (1 percent). The CBK further adjusts import and export data for goods not included in customs-based statistics; these adjustments include goods procured in ports (bunkers, stores and provisions), repairs of equipment, and exports and imports of new or used aircraft and vessels.

The Central Statistical Office (CSO) applied the Harmonized System for the classification of commodities in Foreign Trade Statistics, beginning with year 2000 data, in replacement of the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC). The adoption of the Harmonized System is in keeping with the recommendations of the UN Statistics Division.