South Korea - Building Permits

South Korea: Building Permits

Mnemonic HPMT.IKOR
Unit Ths. m²
Annual 17.58 %
Data 2021 173,206
2020 147,310

Series Information

Source Statistics Korea
Release Building Permits
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/1999
End Date 12/31/2021

South Korea: Real Estate

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Vacancy Dec 2022 68,107 58,027 #, NSA Monthly
Building Permits 2021 173,206 147,310 Ths. m² Annual
Residential Building Permits 2021 38,491 33,229 Ths. m² Annual

Release Information

Construction permits; for South Korea, cities and provinces; detailed by use and material; monthly and annual from 1999.

Data on permits issued and new orders are collected at all administrative levels by local government officers from registered documents. Building application and permission documents for wards, towns or counties are reported to the administration of the corresponding city or province. Cities or provinces then process and forward data, including their own building permissions, to the Ministry of Construction and Transportation. 

For permits, the count is of structures. A structure may contain multiple dwelling units; multiple structures may be authorized by one permit.