Switzerland - Lending Rate

Switzerland: Lending Rate

Unit Percent, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Business Daily
Data 11 Jun 2019 -0.71
10 Jun 2019

Series Information

Source Banque National Suisse
Release Monetary Policy
Frequency Business Daily
Start Date 1/3/2000
End Date 6/11/2019

Switzerland: Markets

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Stock Market Index 18 Jul 2019 10,010 9,942 Index, NSA Daily
Money Market Rate Jun 2019 -0.8 -0.81 % p.a., NSA Monthly
Treasury Bills (over 31 days) Jun 2019 -0.8 -0.81 % p.a., NSA Monthly
Average Long-term Government Bond 28 Jun 2019 -0.48 -0.46 % p.a., NSA Business Daily
Lending Rate 11 Jun 2019 -0.71 Percent, NSA Business Daily

Release Information

Spot rates measure the yield on zero-coupon bonds at varying terms. 

Swiss stock indices measures the value of stock in a specific section of the economy including banks, financial services, insurance, food and beverages, and health care. 

Sport rates, or discount bonds, are returns on zero coupon bonds. Since zero coupon bonds are rarely issued, spot rates are based on prices of coupon bonds. The SNB uses the extended Nelson-Siegel model to estimate the yield on zero coupon bonds using coupon bonds. As such, spot rates should be viewed as yields on synthetic discount bonds. 

The data are final when first released and are not subject to revision.

For more information, please visit SNB at https://data.snb.ch/en/topics