United Kingdom - House Price Index for New Homes

United Kingdom: House Price Index for New Homes

Mnemonic HPIN.IGBR
Unit 1993Q1=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 3.18 %
Data 2022 Q2 580.17
2022 Q1 562.3

Series Information

Source Nationwide Building Society
Release Nationwide House Price Index Regional
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/1983
End Date 6/30/2022

United Kingdom: Real Estate

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
House Price Index Aug 2022 543.29 539.06 1993Q1=100, SA Monthly
House Price Value Aug 2022 273,750 271,208 GBP, NSA Monthly
House Price Index for Existing Homes 2022 Q2 538.83 518.32 1993Q1=100, NSA Quarterly
House Price Index for New Homes 2022 Q2 580.17 562.3 1993Q1=100, NSA Quarterly
House Price Value for Existing Homes 2022 Q2 314,511 302,540 GBP, NSA Quarterly
House Price Value for New Homes 2022 Q2 228,636 221,591 GBP, NSA Quarterly
Vacancy 2020 23,534 23,305 Thousands Annual
Building Completions 2019 Q2 55,590 48,940 #, NSA Quarterly
Housing Starts 2019 Q2 49,210 48,690 #, NSA Quarterly
Residential Building Completions 2019 Q2 55,590 48,940 #, NSA Quarterly
Dwelling Stocks 31 Mar 2014 28,073 27,914 Ths. # 365 days

Release Information

This dataset provides information on the regional housing price index for all property types in UK. It tracks the housing prices in the housing market allowing users to track trends over a given reference period of time.

The data is provided by Nationwide Building Society. All house price information is derived using Nationwide mortgage data. This data is extracted for mortgages that are at the approvals stage and after the corresponding valuation report has been completed. Approvals data is used as opposed to mortgage completions since it should give an earlier indication of current trends in prices in the housing market.

Nationwide house price series utilize only owner occupied property information. In addition, properties that are not typical and may distort the series are also removed from the data set. Therefore, following criteria are used to select which properties to include:

  • House purchases - remortgages and further advances are excluded
  • Owner occupied properties – buy to let properties are excluded
  • Properties sold at true market prices - right to buy sales at discounted price are excluded
  • Floor size has to be within specified limits for a give type of property - e.g. a detached house has to have at least 400 sq. ft. floor area

Number of cases that are used to calculate the average price for a given period of time depends upon the volume of monthly mortgage activity, hence the monthly sample size varies from month to month.

Data is subject to revisions.

For more information, please follow: http://www.nationwide.co.uk/