Belgium - Balance of Goods

Belgium: Balance of Goods

Mnemonic TRBG.IBEL
Unit Mil. EUR, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 34.59 %
Data Sep 2019 1,293
Aug 2019 1,976

Series Information

Source National Bank of Belgium - Belgostat (BNB)
Release Foreign Trade
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1993
End Date 9/30/2019

Belgium: Trade

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Balance of Goods Sep 2019 1,293 1,976 Mil. EUR, NSA Monthly
Exports of Goods Sep 2019 31,175 29,670 Mil. EUR, NSA Monthly
Imports of Goods Sep 2019 29,882 27,693 Mil. EUR, NSA Monthly
Current Account Balance Jun 2019 600 -2,406 Mil. EUR, NSA Monthly
Exports of Goods and Services 2019 Q2 102,597 102,022 Mil. EUR, CDASA Quarterly
Imports of Goods and Services 2019 Q2 101,780 101,620 Mil. EUR, CDASA Quarterly
Net Exports 2019 Q2 817 403 Mil. EUR, CDASA Quarterly
Real Exports of Goods and Services 2019 Q2 98,098 97,817 Mil. Ch. 2016 EUR, CDASA Quarterly
Real Imports of Goods and Services 2019 Q2 95,364 95,275 Mil. Ch. 2016 EUR, CDASA Quarterly

Release Information

In accordance with the International Monetary Fund's website:

Total exports (f.o.b.), total imports (c.i.f.) and balance of Belgium in millions of Euro (EUR). Data are based on the special trade system and therefore exclude bonded warehouse trade. Data are obtained from custom declarations for trade with non EU-member States (Extrastat) and from company declarations for trade with EU-member States (Intrastat). Companies whose exports to EU member States is less than 1 million Euro annually are not required to complete an Intrastat declaration (400,000 Euro for imports). For those companies, adjustments are made using data from VAT declarations. For Extrastat, all transactions on custom declarations with a value below 800 Euro or a weight below 1000 kilograms are not registered.

Please refer to the summary methodology located on the International Monetary Fund's website.

The monthly merchandise trade data are preliminary and subject to revision. Final data are compiled after 6 months.