Colombia - Producer Price Index (PPI)

Colombia: Producer Price Index (PPI)

Mnemonic PPI.ICOL
Unit Index Dec2014=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 1.15 %
Data Feb 2023 187.18
Jan 2023 185.05

Series Information

Source National Administrative Department of Statistic (DANE) - Colombia
Release Índice de Precios del Productor (IPP)
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1970
End Date 2/28/2023

Colombia: Price

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Consumer Price Index (CPI) Feb 2023 130.4 128.27 Index Dec2018=100, NSA Monthly
Producer Price Index (PPI) Feb 2023 187.18 185.05 Index Dec2014=100, NSA Monthly
Wholesale Price Index 2016 122.57 114.7 Index 2010 = 100 Annual

Release Information

It is the short-term indicator on the prices of goods in the first distribution channel, ie producer prices. 

Reports the average change in prices of a basket of goods produced in the country for domestic consumption and for export, including primary and secondary sector. It contains services sector. 

In 2015, DANE redesigned Colombia's Producer Price Index and gave it a base year of 2014 = 100 (previous base year 1999 = 100). The redesign allows for a constant updating of baskets and fixed weights, the inclusion of the calculation of weights on a flexible level, improvements in the imputation methods, update of CPC to version 2 and ISIC nomenclatures to 4 AC version and indexing of weights. 

The series begins in January of 1995 and it is not seasonally adjusted. 


  • Measurements:
    • Fixed-base index relative to December 2014 (Index Dec2014=100)
  • Adjustment: Not seasonally adjusted (NSA)
  • Native frequency: Monthly
  • Start date: as early as 1970m1, but mostly 1990m1
  • Geo coverage: Country


  • June 1999=100 - 1990 - 2014

Sampling and Analysis:

The Producer Price Index uses a deterministic sample, where the units are production companies or commercial establishments that are selected according to the products they produce or market, and the ability to provide clear information in a timely manner. 

The sample consists of approximately 3,200 companies on average. The collection period exists between the 15th and 28th of each month. Data is collected through the DANE website, wherein the source enters the requested information on a monthly basis. This reduces response times and operational costs.

The prices used are those that exist in the moment of the first exchange of property in the production chain. 

Source definitions: 

Producer Price Index (PPI): This index measures the average monthly change in prices of a basket of representative goods of domestic production.

Basket: A representative set of goods and services whose prices are monitored.

Index Number: Number showing, by its variations, changes over time or a magnitude of space. The most important features of the construction of index numbers are coverage base period, weighting system, and method for averaging observations.

Variation: Percentage change calculated for a variable in a given period relative to another. 

Reference period: Specific time period (day, week, month, year) or point in time corresponding to the observation, or the variable of interest.

Moody's Analytics supplements

We seasonally adjust the fixed-base general index using the U.S. Census Bureau's X-13 ARIMA program.

Data is revised on a monthly basis. 

For more information please visit: Source Methodology