Colombia - Real Retail Sales

Colombia: Real Retail Sales

Mnemonic WRT$.ICOL
Unit Vol. Index 2019=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0.61 %
Data Nov 2022 123.05
Oct 2022 123.8

Series Information

Source National Administrative Department of Statistic (DANE) - Colombia
Release Encuesta Mensual de Comercio (EMC)
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1999
End Date 11/30/2022

Colombia: Consumer

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Real Retail Sales Nov 2022 123.05 123.8 Vol. Index 2019=100, NSA Monthly
Retail Sales Nov 2022 156.59 157.26 Index 2019=100, NSA Monthly

Release Information

For Colombia, a retail sales index in value and volume terms, and sales of new motor vehicles (value, units, by type).


  • Survey: EMC
  • Measurements:
    • Fixed-base value index relative to 2019 (Index 2019=100)
    • Volume index relative to 2019 (Vol. Index 2019=100)
    • Millions of Colombian pesos (Mil. COP)
    • Unitary count (#)
  • Adjustments: Not seasonally adjusted (NSA)
  • Native frequency: Monthly
  • Reported start date: 2019m1
  • Extended start date: 1999m1


  • EMCM, 2013=100 - 2014 (extended to 1999) to 2019
  • EMCM, 1999=100 - 1999 to 2014

Monthly Survey of Commerce (EMC)

Concurrent with dissemination of January 2020 results, the source made improvements and is now under a new survey titled the "Monthly Survey of Commerce" (EMC). Under this new survey, the source has advanced the base year to 2019 and updated the industry classification to ISIC Rev. 4.

The source writes:

In order to respond to national and international requirements and complying with the good practices that govern international statistical activity, DANE redesigned this statistical operation in order to expand its national coverage by including companies with 10 to 19 people employed or with income greater than or equal to $ 1.7 billion in 2017. Additionally, territorial coverage is expanded by going from measuring five (5) main cities to six (6) departmental domains.

The data set also includes motor vehicle sales. The value of sales and units sold is available for private cars, campers and trucks, public transport vehicles, and motor cycles.

Monthly Survey of Retail Trade and Vehicle Trade (EMCM)

Predecessors (archived with "_13") are from the Monthly Retail Trade Sample (Encuesta mensual de comercio al por menor y comercio de vehículos, EMCM). The survey is based on existing publications and surveys of the domestic trade sector. Economic activities are structured according to ISIC Rev.3 AC Activity. The index base year is 2013.

Retail trade is the re-sale of new goods that are for consumption, personal, or household use. Commercial activities conducted at pawn shops, lottery outlets, mobile points of sale, homes, and telemarketing activities are not included. Activities associated with maintenance and repair are also excluded.

Data for vehicle sales is obtain from the unique form, Monthly Sample of Motor Vehicles Trade and Retail Trade of Their Parts, Accessories, Fuels and Lubricant. The results of this form are published on a quarterly basis, which allows the EMCM to publish monthly information (privately owned vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles) related to the trade of vehicles.

(That is: Meustra mensual de comercio al por menor (MMCM, monthly retail trade sample), and a separate reporting form, Meustra mensual de comercio de vehículos automotores y motocicletas, sus partes piezas y accesorios; comercio al por menor de combustible y lubricantes (Monthly sample of trade of automotive vehicles and motorcycles, their partes and accessories; retail trade of fuels and lubricants).)

Detailed vehicles-types in the EMCM reporting form include: private cars, campers (fit for all terrain), motorcycles (ATVs, motorized tricycles), public transportation vehicles, cargo vehicles, and other (specified by the respondent e.g. ambulances, firetrucks).

The value of sales are expressed without indirect taxes (Value Added Tax and consumption tax) for each group of merchandise traded by the company during the month. Also, the percentage of the internet sales share must be evidenced. Sales records correspond to net sales, which are equivalent to sales less (-) discounts, offers and others.

We extend the RSI to 1999m1. We produce seasonally adjusted counterparts to all four RSIs.