Greece - Average Long-term Government Bond

Greece: Average Long-term Government Bond

Unit % p.a., NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Data Nov 2018 4.42
Oct 2018 4.37

Series Information

Source Bank of Greece
Release Summary of Financial Sector's Data for the SDDS
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 10/31/1998
End Date 11/30/2018

Greece: Markets

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Stock Market Index 25 Jan 2023 993.86 993.91 Index, NSA Business Daily
Money Market Rate Nov 2022 0.03 0.03 % p.a., NSA Monthly
Treasury Bills (over 31 days) Sep 2022 1.97 % p.a., NSA Monthly
Average Long-term Government Bond Nov 2018 4.42 4.37 % p.a., NSA Monthly
Lending Rate Sep 2011 2.93 3.23 %, NSA Monthly

Release Information

In accordance with the International Monetary Fund's website:

Data are disseminated on the end of month consolidated outstanding balances in millions of Euro covering all Monetary Financial Institutions (MFIs) resident in Greece (NCB, Commercial Banks, Specialized Credit Institutions, Co-operative Banks, and Money Market Funds).As Greece participates in the EMU, the Euro area residency criterion is applied. The data disseminated include:
(1) The following components of the Monetary Aggregates:- Overnight deposits- Deposits redeemable at notice up to 3 months- Deposits with agreed maturity up to 2 years- Repurchase agreements- Money market fund units- Debt securities issued up to 2 years
(2) Credit to the Euro area General Government (covering Central Government, Social Security Funds and Local Authorities) comprising loans granted to and securities issued by General Government net of Central Government liabilities.
(3) Credit (loans) granted to the Euro area Non-Government Sector (non-financial enterprises - including non-financial public enterprises, households, non-profit institutions serving households, and financial institutions other than MFIs).
(4) Net foreign position vis-a'-vis the non-Euro area residents.

(5) Yields on Greek Government Securities (including the 12-month Treasury Bill Yield)

(6) Bank deposit and lending rates.

Please refer to the summary methodology located on the International Monetary Fund's website.The Athens Stock Exchange (ASE) Composite Index is a market capitalization weighted index on 60 stocks quoted on the ASE.Formula for ASE Composite Index: Index=Current aggregate market value X 100 Base aggregate market value.

Data released are final, with occasional minor revisions. In cases of definitional changes or reclassifications, data may be revised over a longer time period and are commented in the introduction of the "Bulletin of Conjunctural Indicators."

Data are released on the last business day of the month following the reference month for all prescribed components.
Although there is an embargo on the release of national monetary data before the release of Euro area monetary aggregates by the ECB, the embargo is not normally expected to delay the release of the national data beyond the timeliness prescribed by the SDDS. In the event of a delay in the release of Euro area monetary aggregates that would affect the timeliness of release of national data, a notice will be added to the DSBB Advance Release Calendar for the affected month.