Greece - Government Expenditures

Greece: Government Expenditures

Unit Mil. EUR, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 25.54 %
Data 2018 Q4 25,987
2018 Q3 20,700

Series Information

Source Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT)
Release Government Finances
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/1999
End Date 12/31/2018

Greece: Government

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Gross External Debt 2019 Q1 404,104 403,879 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt - Foreign 2019 Q1 304,743 298,325 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Government Budget Balance 2018 Q4 70 2,537 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Government Expenditures 2018 Q4 25,987 20,700 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Government Revenues 2018 Q4 26,057 23,237 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt 2018 334,573 317,485 Mil. EUR Annual

Release Information

The quarterly non-financial accounts of General Government provide information on the aggregates constituting General Government revenue (i.e. taxes, social contributions, capital transfers, etc) and expenditure (i.e. compensation of employees, intermediate consumption, social benefits, interests payments, etc). This data also includes the analysis of Public Debt in the categories currency and deposits includes securities other than shares and loans, short-term and long-term. The data has been produced on the bases of the new Regulation ESA 2010 for the System of National Accounts.

It provides information on major economic indicators and time series compiled mostly by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT). The methods used to compile the quarterly data are consistent with the methods used to compile the annual. The sum of the four quarters is always equal to the annual observation.

The General Government (GG) quarterly non-financial Accounts are compiled for General Government (S13) and the following sub-sectors:

  • Central Government (S.1311)
  • Local Government (S.1313)
  • Social Security Funds - Public Hospitals (S.1314)

 Data are subject to revisions.