Hungary - Labor Force

Hungary: Labor Force

Mnemonic LBF.IHUN
Unit Ths. # 3-mo ending MA, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0.03 %
Data Dec 2020 4,678
Nov 2020 4,680

Series Information

Source Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO)
Release Labor Market
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1994
End Date 12/31/2020

Hungary: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Labor Force Dec 2020 4,678 4,680 Ths. # 3-mo ending MA, NSA Monthly
Labor Force Employment Dec 2020 4,482 4,476 Ths. # 3-mo ending MA, NSA Monthly
Primary Industries Employment 2020 Q4 210.44 210.9 Ths., NSA Quarterly
Total Employment 2020 Q4 4,482 4,485 Ths., NSA Quarterly
Unemployment Dec 2020 196.5 203.76 Ths. # 3-mo ending MA, NSA Monthly
Unemployment Rate Dec 2020 4.2 4.35 % 3-mo ending MA, NSA Monthly
Agriculture Employment 2017 231,945 236,179 # Annual

Release Information

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) reports monthly labor market statistics. The data set includes total employed, unemployed, economically active, economically inactive, population, participation rate, employment rate, and unemployment rate for Hungary. 

The Labor Force Survey is based on a multi-stage stratified probability sample design. The size of the quarterly sample is approximately 32 thousand respondent households (about 65 thousand persons). The survey is continuous and consists of three statistically independent monthly sub-samples. The basis of grossing up is the population number in the survey period estimated with the help of a mathematical model. The population number in each population group is calculated by multiplying the sample values of the different strata with the proper weight and summing them up.

Based on data about the economic activity of population aged 15–74 years living in private households.

Data is subject to revisions.

For more information, please visit: Source Methodology.