Indonesia - Average Long-term Government Bond

Indonesia: Average Long-term Government Bond

Unit Bil. IDR, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 1.79 %
Data Jun 2020 2,515,681
May 2020 2,471,501

Series Information

Source Bank Indonesia
Release Government Finance
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 12/31/2004
End Date 6/30/2020

Indonesia: Markets

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Lending Rate 07 Aug 2020 4 4 %, NSA Daily
Stock Market Index 06 Aug 2020 5,178 5,127 Index, NSA Daily
Money Market Rate Jul 2020 3.37 4.08 % p.a., NSA Monthly
Average Long-term Government Bond Jun 2020 2,515,681 2,471,501 Bil. IDR, NSA Monthly

Release Information

Government finances describes the government's revenues, expenditures, sources of finances and outstanding of government securities, as published by Bank Indonesia. Data for the first three categories are broken down into budget and actual figures.

Surplus/deficit is government revenues less government expenditures. The total of surplus/deficit is the same as the total of financing but with an opposite sign.

Fixed Rate bond (FR) is a bond with a fixed coupon (interest) rate. The bond has time period more than one year with the coupon (interest) paid every six months.

Variable Rate bond (VR) is a bond whose interest payments are linked to 3 months Bank Indonesia Certificate market interest rate changes. The bond has time period more than one year with the coupon interest) paid every three months.

Hedge Bond (HB) is a bond linked to USD value. Its purpose is to cover bank’s foreign currency liabilities. In each quarter and on interest payment maturity date, the nominal of bond is revalued based on rupiah exchange rate against USD. HB interest rate is adjusted to 3 months SIBOR interest rate + 2% every 3 months.

Retail bond is a government bond sold to individual or individual Indonesia citizen through sales agents with predetermined fixed rate at the auction time. Minimum investment of Retail bond is Rp5.0 million and its multiple. Retail bond’s coupon is paid on monthly basis.

Zero Coupon bond (ZC) is a bond sold at a discount from par value and does not involve interest payments. The investor’s gain comes from the discount when it is issued.

Government Islamic Security (Sukuk) is a government security that complies with Sharia principle.

Treasury Bill is a government security with has maturity up to one year (12 months) with discount interest payment.

Bonds portfolio is categorized into investment and trading portfolio, based on investor account recording at BI-SSSS.

Data is revised each month when new data becomes available.