Norway - Business Confidence

Norway: Business Confidence

Mnemonic CIB.INOR
Unit Balance of opinion, SA
Adjustments Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 18.69 %
Data 2021 Q3 8.7
2021 Q2 10.7

Series Information

Source Statistics Norway
Release Business Tendency Survey (Q)
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/1990
End Date 9/30/2021

Norway: Business

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Business Confidence 2021 Q3 8.7 10.7 Balance of opinion, SA Quarterly
Capacity Utilization 2021 Q3 80 79.9 % WA, SA Quarterly
Industrial Production Sep 2021 94.5 91.5 Index 2005=100, SA Monthly
Change in Inventories 2020 Q3 31,324 9,894 Mil. NOK, CDASA Quarterly
Real Change in Inventories 2019 Q1 31,468 32,631 Mil. Ch. 2016 NOK, CDASA Quarterly

Release Information

Norway's quarterly Business Tendency Survey maps business leaders’ evaluations of the economic situation and the outlook for a fixed set of indicators. The results are mainly used for monitoring the economic performance during a business cycle, for analyses and for predicting the short-term development. The survey has been in regular operation from 1974 Q1.  Results are produced at the national level only.  Values are diffusion indices.

The survey is quarterly and is published around four weeks after the end of the reference quarter.

Data are collected by a questionnaire sent to a sample of branch units in mining and quarrying (10, 13-14) and manufacturing (15-37), per SIC2007 (started 2009Q1, back-calculated to 1990Q1).  SIC2002 was used until 2008Q4 (back-calculated to 1988Q1).

The seasonally-adjusted series may be revised to their full depth, from 1990.

For the trend-cycle diffusion indices, revisions may be applied to the entire time series, but are most common within the past three years.