Panama - Deaths

Panama: Deaths

Mnemonic DTH.IPAN
Unit #
Annual 25.45 %
Data 2020 25,151
2019 20,049

Series Information

Source Instituto Nacional De Estadistica y Censo (INEC)
Release Vital Statistics: Deaths
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/1952
End Date 12/31/2020

Panama: Demographics

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Births 2020 69,945 72,456 # Annual
Deaths 2020 25,151 20,049 # Annual
Population 2020 4,278,500 4,218,808 # Annual
Net Migration 2017 31,448 # Annual
Birth Rate 2016 19.53 19.85 # per Ths. pop. Annual
Death Rate 2016 5.02 5 # per Ths. pop. Annual

Release Information

The Instituto Nacional De Estadistica y Censo (INEC) reports the annual number of deaths for subnational Panama. Figures are reported as number of persons (#), not seasonally adjusted. Data is availablle for the Republic, cities of Panama and Colon, by province, district, district and residence district.

The General Comptroller of the Republic (through INEC) report data according to the "Principles and Recommendations for a Vital Statistics System" as followed by the United Nations. The INEC requires individuals to declare vital statistic data in a timesly and accruate way.

Data is collected through public and private health facilities, civil registry offices, judicial morgues of the Istitute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, National Intergrated System of Criminal Statistics (SIEC) and funeral homes. 

The source writes:

The causes of death are classified according to the manual published by the World Health Organization: "International statistical classification of diseases and problems related to health" (Tenth revision). The diagnoses thus described of death are coded according to the detailed list that appears in volume I of said manual and for this publication, four abbreviated lists are used: of 103, 80, 6/67 and 51 groups of causes; the latter, for infant mortality. In addition, it includes the explanations and definitions used most frequently in the classification of data, to facilitate the management and interpretation of information.

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