Panama - Unemployment Rate

Panama: Unemployment Rate

Mnemonic LBR.IPAN
Unit %
Data 2020 8.5
2019 7.1

Series Information

Source Instituto Nacional De Estadistica y Censo (INEC)
Release Labor Force Statistics
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/2004
End Date 12/31/2020

Panama: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Labor Force 2020 1,966 2,066 Ths. Annual
Labor Force Employment 2020 1,744 1,920 Ths. Annual
Unemployment 2020 222.08 146.11 Ths. Annual
Unemployment Rate 2020 8.5 7.1 % Annual
Wage & Salaries 2020 15,164 17,843 Mil. PAB Annual
Agriculture Employment 2017 300,651 300,062 # Annual
Primary Industries Employment 2012 33,230 30,446 # Annual
Total Employment 2012 687,505 644,251 # Annual

Release Information

For Panama, the Labor Market Survey, performed by the Instituto Nacional De Estadistica y Censo (INEC), has the main objective of measuring the labor market.

For a better interpretation of the data presented in this newsletter, detailed below, the definitions applied to the issues investigated and some methodological aspects related to the Survey Labor Market:

This survey uses a new sampling frame that comes from the Census of Population and Housing 2010, as it applies the new shows designed for this decade.

Importantly, unlike the previous decade, this sample consists of primary sampling units much larger than arising from the merger of several segments. In turn, primary units are incorporated in the various regions, with in order to provide information to that level of disaggregation, as far as From this survey rather than indigenous area including county areas and surrounding areas of the regions with majority presence of Indian population will be limited, since August 2011, to areas only county in the region Ngäbe, Embera and Kuna Yala. Added to this, and as has been done after each year census is used for the expansion of the data, new estimates population developed based on the last census. Based on this, and to purposes of comparison, the data is presented from the March survey 2011 with the new projection.

Within the methodological aspects of note is the fact that incorporate the new national classifications branch and occupation drawn up following the implementation of National Population Censuses and Housing.