South Korea - Industrial Production

South Korea: Industrial Production

Mnemonic IP.IKOR
Unit Index 2015=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 4.46 %
Data Apr 2022 117.8
Mar 2022 123.3

Series Information

Source Statistics Korea
Release Industrial Production
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1975
End Date 4/30/2022

South Korea: Business

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Business Confidence May 2022 100.07 100.03 Index long term avg=100, SA Monthly
Industrial Production Apr 2022 117.8 123.3 Index 2015=100, NSA Monthly
Change in Inventories 2022 Q1 135.1 6,130 Bil. KRW, SA Quarterly
Real Change in Inventories 2022 Q1 2,033 1,803 Bil. Ch. 2015 KRW, SA Quarterly

Release Information

The Industrial Production Index (IPI) measures on a monthly basis the change in output in South Korea's mining (B), manufacturing (C), electricity and gas (D), and publishing (58) industries. Output refers to the production of goods and generation of power for domestic sales in Korea and for exports. The index is helpful in illuminating structural developments in the economy.

  • Detailed industry
  • Stage of processing (production, shipments, inventory)
  • Broad industry and stage of processing

Survey: Monthly Survey of Mining and Manufacturing.

Activities covered: The index covers 633 (include publishing 636) products and about 8,300 establishments. A total of 633 series are selected by taking into account the availability of monthly data, the stability of production volume, and the relative importance in each industry group. Among the series 629 (include publishing 632) items are those that account for more than 1/5000 of the total production value of mining and manufacturing, and the other 4 items are electricity and gas.

Classification: Classification of economic activities is accordance with the Korean Standard Industrial Classification (KSIC) Rev. 9, which aligns with UN ISIC Rev. 4.

The Industrial ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Data, which is the part of 'Monthly Survey of Mining and Manufacturing', monitors the monthly fluctuation trend of production, shipping and inventory in informatio nand communication technology sectors. 

Production, shipping and inventory performances per items are utilized as basic data for major material demand and supply and projection.

To prepare operation rate index indicating production capability index and equipment usage rate indicating supply capacity level by surveying production capability, etc. of major products in manufacturing industry area.

  • The data in the press release are preliminary and are subject to revision during the next two months. The data become final about three months after the end of the calendar year and are published in the Annual Report on Monthly Industrial Production Statistics.
  • The revision policy is explained in the explanatory notes in the Monthly Bulletin (Monthly Industrial Production Statistics).