Switzerland - House Price Index

Switzerland: House Price Index

Mnemonic HPI.ICHE
Unit 1970=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 0.77 %
Data 2016 Q4 457.1
2016 Q3 453.6

Series Information

Source Banque National Suisse
Release Real Estate Price Indices
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/1970
End Date 12/31/2016

Switzerland: Real Estate

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
House Price Index 2016 Q4 457.1 453.6 1970=100, NSA Quarterly
Building Completions 2013 Q1 7,740 12,786 #, NSA Quarterly
Residential Building Permits 2013 Q1 13,325 16,277 #, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

Real estate price indices measure the change over time of the cost of real estate broken down by sector. 

The indices start in 1970 and are available on both a quarterly and annual basis.  They and indexed to 1970=100 and the quarterly series are presented as non-seasonally adjusted.  The indicators are available for various breakdowns for both residential and commerical properities.  Commercial indices measure office and business space, while the residential indices measure rental buildings by type and single family homes.

Data is subject to revision