Greece - Building Completions

Greece: Building Completions

Mnemonic HCMP.IGRC
Unit #, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 845.27 %
Data Dec 2022 9,793
Nov 2022 1,036

Series Information

Source Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT)
Release Building Completions
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/2004
End Date 12/31/2022

Greece: Real Estate

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Building Completions Dec 2022 9,793 1,036 #, NSA Monthly
Building Permits Dec 2022 2,519 2,518 #, NSA Monthly
Residential Building Completions Dec 2022 29,124 3,029 #, NSA Monthly
House Price Index 2022 Q3 210.1 202 Index 1997=100, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

Survey on the country’s urban planning, regarding the total amount of the issued building permits. The data are collected from administrative sources (Town Planning Offices). External engineers, simultaneously with the issue of the building permit, fill in questionnaires, properly designed for the survey.

A dwelling is a room or suite of rooms - including its accessories, lobbies and corridors - in a permanent building or a structurally separated part thereof which, by the way it has been built, rebuilt or converted, is designed for habitation by one private household all year round.

A dwelling can be either a one-family dwelling in a stand-alone building or detached edifice, or an apartment in a block of flats. Dwellings include garages for residential use, even when apart from the habitation or belonging to different owners.

Buildings are subdivided into residential and non-residential buildings. "Building" is used interchangeably with "built-property".

A residential building is a construction at least half of which is used for residential purposes. If less than half of the overall useful floor area is used for residential purposes, the building is classified under non-residential buildings in accordance with its purpose-oriented design.

A non-residential building is a construction which is mainly used or intended for non-residential purposes. If at least half of the overall useful floor area is used for residential purposes, the building is classified as a residential building.

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