Israel - Outstanding Public Debt

Israel: Outstanding Public Debt

Mnemonic GDBT.IISR
Unit Mil. ISL, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 2.76 %
Data 2022 Q3 1,057,557
2022 Q2 1,087,602

Series Information

Source Israeli Ministry of Finance
Release Central Government Debt
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 12/31/1998
End Date 9/30/2022

Israel: Government

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Gross External Debt 2022 Q3 83,018,000,000 84,865,000,000 USD, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt 2022 Q3 1,057,557 1,087,602 Mil. ISL, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt - Domestic 2022 Q3 905,414 926,504 Mil. ISL, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt - Foreign 2022 Q3 152,143 161,098 Mil. ISL, NSA Quarterly
Government Budget Balance Jan 2018 4,796 -21,483 Mil. ILS, NSA Monthly
Government Expenditures Jan 2018 25,571 44,759 Mil. ILS, NSA Monthly
Government Revenues Jan 2018 30,367 23,276 Mil. ILS, NSA Monthly

Release Information

Government debt presents the comprehensive stock of recognized, direct liabilities of the government to the rest of the economy and the world. 

The data are broken down by the following characteristics: foreign and domestic, maturity and currency. The classification by maturity is done by residual maturity broken down into three ranges: up to one year, one to five years and over five years, that is, short-term, medium-term and long- term debt respectively.

The data are sourced from accounting records of the Accountant General Department in the Treasury,
(banks, pension funds and other financial institutions deposits with the Treasury) and the Debt Management Office of the Bank of Israel (government bonds, saving programs and the National Insurance Institute loans).

Data are subject to revisions.