Israel - Wholesale Price Index

Israel: Wholesale Price Index

Mnemonic WPI.IISR
Unit Index 2012=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0.68 %
Data Dec 2020 88.3
Nov 2020 87.7

Series Information

Source Central Bureau of Statistics - Israel
Release Wholesale Price Index
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1968
End Date 12/31/2020

Israel: Price

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Consumer Price Index (CPI) Dec 2020 100.1 100.2 Index 2018=100, SA Monthly
Wholesale Price Index Dec 2020 88.3 87.7 Index 2012=100, NSA Monthly

Release Information

The wholesale price index of industrial output for the domestic market measures the developments in the output prices obtained by industrial manufacturers, for a fixed set of products and services included in industrial output, during the first stage of marketing in Israel. The main use of the index is the deflation of the series of industrial output value compiled at current prices, to a series of values at constant prices. Some components of the index serve to link producer prices in the manufacturing branches. The index also serves as a general indicator of price changes in the economic branch that it represents.

The index population includes all establishments of the manufacturing divisions which include mining and quarrying industries, as defined in the Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities. The diamonds industry is excluded. The index frame includes all industrial products and intermediate products, whether they are sold to other establishments or other branches in the domestic economy. Intermediate products, which serve for further production within the industrial establishment, are not included, since this part of the output is not sold. The index measures about 1,800 types of products and services for the entire country, excluding Judea, Samaria and Gaza area.

The prices collected are the prices received by producers "at factory gate", the prices are net transaction prices (after discount and credit) and include all taxes (also VAT).  The collection of prices in each establishment is conducted monthly. Prices are collected between the 20th in the current month and the 5th of the following month. Prices relate to the 20th of each month, exception: for a list of products average prices are collected. This list includes mainly products with few price changes during the month (poultry, meat, etc.) and products with controlled prices (bread, milk, fuel, etc.).

Data are subject to revisions.