Malta - Outstanding Public Debt - Foreign

Malta: Outstanding Public Debt - Foreign

Unit Ths. Euros, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0 %
Data Jun 2022 420,657
May 2022 420,656

Series Information

Source National Statistics Office (NSO) - Malta
Release Government Finance Data
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 5/31/2007
End Date 6/30/2022

Malta: Government

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Government Expenditures Jun 2022 526,260 518,634 Euro. Thousands, NSA Monthly
Government Revenues Jun 2022 436,865 534,088 Euro. Thousands, NSA Monthly
Outstanding Public Debt Jun 2022 8,413,904 8,409,857 Ths. Euros, NSA Monthly
Outstanding Public Debt - Foreign Jun 2022 420,657 420,656 Ths. Euros, NSA Monthly
Gross External Debt 2022 Q1 0 0 USD, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

Government finance details (revenue, expenditure, debt) for Malta, presented per ESA 2010. Monthly from as early as January 2006.

Data follows the guidelines set out in the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010) Manual.

Actual debt held by the government is included in the debt position. However, investments by the Government is a separate fund and not included in the total debt.

Revisions: the revenue and expenditure figures are based on actual cash transactions, and are therefore not, normally, subject to revision. Although revisions to debt data are uncommon, it is prudent to consider debt figures for the previous three months as provisional. Any revisions to the data will be carried out at the first opportunity and published accordingly in the next news release.