Malta - Wage & Salaries

Malta: Wage & Salaries

Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Annual 1.93 %
Data 2010 16,575
2009 16,901

Series Information

Source National Statistics Office (NSO) - Malta
Release Survey on Income and Living Conditions
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/2005
End Date 12/31/2010

Malta: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Labor Force 2022 Q4 299,727 293,137 #, NSA Quarterly
Labor Force Employment 2022 Q4 290,995 284,571 #, NSA Quarterly
Total Employment 2022 Q4 290,995 284,571 #, NSA Quarterly
Unemployment 2022 Q4 8,732 8,566 #, NSA Quarterly
Unemployment Rate Sep 2022 0.37 0.36 %, NSA Monthly
Agriculture Employment 2017 2,766 2,870 # Annual
Wage & Salaries 2010 16,575 16,901 EUR, NSA Annual

Release Information

The annual average Maltese household income and wage data is published by the National Statistical Office, Malta, in the yearly report of Survey on Income and Living Conditions.

The Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC) is an annual survey conducted by
National Statistics Office (NSO) amongst persons residing in private households in Malta
and Gozo. The main scope behind this survey is to enable the compilation of statistics
income distribution and indicators on monetary-poverty. The SILC also serves to produce
reliable quantitative information on social exclusion and material deprivation.
SILC data collection and analysis have been carried out in Malta since 2005. The SILC
carried out annually by all European Union member states under a European framework
regulation that came into force in 2004. Consequently, all work related to the SILC project
coordinated by Eurostat that, in particular, provides guidelines on the methodology that
implemented in order to ensure comparability amongst participating countries.

The mechanism used for SILC is that of a panel survey with a 4-year rotational design,
whereby each year 75 per cent of households from the previous year are re-interviewed
whilst a new sample of 1,500 households is simultaneously selected.