Mexico - Consumer Confidence

Mexico: Consumer Confidence

Mnemonic CIC.IMEX
Unit Dif. Index=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0.9 %
Data Jul 2019 105.13
Jun 2019 106.08

Series Information

Source Instituto Nacional de Estadística Geografia e Informática (INEGI)
Release Consumer Confidence
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 4/30/2001
End Date 7/31/2019

Release Information

For Mexico, a monthly consumer confidence survey, with five questions and an aggregate index.


  • Local title: Encuesta Nacional sobre Confianza del Consumidor (ENCO)
  • Measurement: Balance of opinion (Bal. of opinion)
  • Adjustments: Seasonally adjusted (SA), not (NSA)
  • Native frequency: Monthly
  • Start date: 2001m4


  • Diffusion index with a central value of 100 (Dif. Index=100), 2001 to 2019

The source writes:

The National Survey on Consumer Confidence (ENCO) is carried out during the first 20 days of each month and is based on a sample of 2,336 urban households nationwide, which the informant interview, for which required to have at least 18 years of age.

The ENCO is collected in 32 cities covering all the states of the country and the confidence level of results is 90% with an expected maximum error of 15%. The information collected allows the estimation of the Consumer Confidence Index, which is both the view that the interviewee has this (compared to a reference point in the past) and his view of the future (compared with this point). This is an index with base equal to 100 in January 2003, which is averaging five partial indicators of which two refer to the current economic situation and expected household interviewed, two serving the current and expected economic situation of the country and the fifth index reflects how propitious moment to consider the purchase of consumer durables. In this way each of the partial indicators that comprise the Consumer Confidence Index is a weighted average of the results of the expanded response to each of the following questions:

  1. Compared with the economic situation that members of the household were 12 months ago how do you think is your situation right now?
  2. How do you consider to be the economic situation of members of the household within 12 months over the present?
  3. How do you consider the country's economic situation today compared to 12 months?
  4. How do you consider to be the economic condition of the country within 12 months on the current situation?
  5. Comparing the current economic situation with a year ago how considered at present the chances that you or any member of this household to purchase goods such as furniture, TV, washing machine, other appliances, etc.?

In each of the first four questions the respondents have five response options: much better, better, equal, worse and much worse. The fifth question options are greater, equal and children. The weights used for each response option are:

  • Much better or older = 1.00  
  • Best = 0.75
  • Equal = 0.50
  • Worse = 0.25
  • Much worse or less = 0.00

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