Mexico - Dwelling Stocks

Mexico: Dwelling Stocks

Mnemonic HSTK.IMEX
Unit #
Data 2020 35,233,462

Series Information

Source Instituto Nacional de Estadística Geografia e Informática (INEGI)
Release Subnational: Population and Housing Census
Frequency Every 5 Years
Start Date 12/31/1995
End Date 12/31/2020

Mexico: Real Estate

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Dwelling Stocks 2020 35,233,462 # Annual
House Price Index 2018 Q4 146.5 145.5 Index 2012=100, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

It should be noted that Article 38 of the Law on National Statistics and Geography Information noted that data provided by the informant will be kept confidential and used only for statistical purposes.

The questionnaires were the result of the evaluation of earlier censuses, the revision of international recommendations and the exchange of census information with users, with whom there were several meetings in which proposals and suggestions were received content.

Likewise, INEGI conducted field tests allowed evaluating the quality of the response and the feasibility of its implementation. The Institute is grateful to all members who participated in the collective development of questionnaires for the Census of Population and Housing 2010. In addition, the views of the public, private, social and academia allow designing better questionnaires.

To carry out the census will have to travel the 1.9 million acres of urban and rural locations and visit all the homes of 292 000 sites that comprise the 32 states and two thousand 456 municipalities in the country.

For the location of the localities, and housing blocks, INEGI provides digital mapping, from satellite images, aerial photographs and field tours with GPS.

Meanwhile, for the census were recruited and trained approximately 180,000 people, called censors, who wore the uniform with the logo of INEGI and carry a credential that society can be identified.

The person must answer the questionnaire is the chief or head of household, spouse, or a citizen over 15 years of age living in the house and learn the facts of the occupants.

The Census of Population and Housing 2010 is a project of national interest that requires the support and collaboration of each and every one of the Mexicans, their institutions, private sector agencies and civil society and the media communication.

Census reference dates

México: Características del levantamiento de los Censos de Población, 1895-2010


Fecha oficial

Tipo de censo

Tipo de cédula


20 de octubre

De hecho y derecho

Familiar 1


28 de octubre

De hecho y derecho

Familiar 1


27 de octubre

De hecho



30 de noviembre

De hecho



15 de mayo

De derecho

Colectiva (100 habitantes) 2


6 de marzo

De derecho

Colectiva (80 habitantes) 2


6 de junio

De derecho

Colectiva (45 habitantes) 2


8 de junio

De derecho

Colectiva (50 habitantes) 2


28 de enero

De derecho

Colectiva (14 habitantes)


4 de junio

De derecho

Colectiva (10 habitantes)


12 de marzo

De derecho

Colectiva (10 habitantes)


14 de febrero

De derecho

Colectiva (6 habitantes)


12 de junio

De derecho

Colectiva (6 habitantes)

By two questionnaires to be applied to citizens directly interview a core of 29 questions, and one extended, consisting of 75 -, the information will capture the census on age, sex, parentage, birthplace and residence 2005; right to health, religion, disability, indigenous language, educational level, marital status, economic activity status and fertility. 

And in the case of housing characteristics is asked about the predominant material in floors, number of rooms, access to electricity, water, toilet and drainage, availability of certain goods and media appliances and equipment, acquisition and possession of them. 

The data is not revised.