Poland - Government Expenditures

Poland: Government Expenditures

Unit Mil. Zloty, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Annual 14.57 %
Data 2020 1,058,297
2019 923,703

Series Information

Source Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS)
Release General Government Finance
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/1995
End Date 12/31/2020

Poland: Government

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Government Budget Balance 2020 -29,416 1,254 Mil. Zloty, NSA Annual
Government Expenditures 2020 1,058,297 923,703 Mil. Zloty, NSA Annual
Government Revenues 2020 1,028,880 924,957 Mil. Zloty, NSA Annual

Release Information

GUS produces annual government finace statistics for Poland that show total revenue of the publice sector, total expenditure of the public sector and the deficit or balance of the public finance sector. Transfers between the individual component parts are eliminated from the revenue and expenditure data. 

Scope of the data

Annual general government statistics include the data for components of the central government level, as well as data for local level of government. Data on central government level cover operations of the state budget, extrabudgetary units (auxiliary units, budget establishments, special units (until 2004), own revenue of the budgetary units (since 2005), motivation funds (since 2005), universities, cultural institutions, health care institutions, nonsocial security special-purpose funds, Polish Confederation of Sport (until 2005), Polish Organization of Tourism, Polish Centre for Accreditation, Office of Technical Inspection, Transportation Technical Supervision, Polish Academy of Science, state agencies, National Road Fund, agriculture advisory units, Insurance Ombudsman, Polish Institute of International Affairs, Polish Film Institute), units of the social security scheme (social security special-purpose funds, Social Insurance Institution, since 2003—National Health Fund). Local government level comprises operations of all communes, counties and districts and operations of extrabudgetary units controlled by local governments (auxiliary units, budget establishments, special purpose funds, special units (until 2004), own revenue of the budgetary units (since 2005) cultural institutions, health care institutions, and until 2002—Health Funds).

The component detail disseminated comprises transactions affecting net worth (revenue, expense, the gross operating balance, and net operating balance), transactions in nonfinancial assets (net acquisition of nonfinancial assets), net lending/borrowing, and transactions in financial assets and liabilities—financing (net acquisition of financial assets, net incurrence of liabilities). Net acquisition of financial assets and net incurrence of liabilities are broken down between domestic and foreign transactions.

The GFS data are final when released for the first time. Revisions are mainly because of improvement in implementation of methodology.

Data are disseminated 10 months after the end of the reference year.