Poland - Wage & Salaries

Poland: Wage & Salaries

Unit Bil. Zloty, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 4.4 %
Data 2022 Q3 190.41
2022 Q2 182.39

Series Information

Source Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS)
Release Wages and Salaries
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/2004
End Date 9/30/2022

Poland: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Unemployment Rate Dec 2022 5.2 5.1 Percent, NSA Monthly
Labor Force 2022 Q3 17,192 17,224 Ths. #, NSA Quarterly
Labor Force Employment 2022 Q3 16,690 16,770 Ths. #, NSA Quarterly
Total Employment 2022 Q3 16,690 16,770 Ths. #, NSA Quarterly
Unemployment 2022 Q3 502 454 Ths. #, NSA Quarterly
Wage & Salaries 2022 Q3 190.41 182.39 Bil. Zloty, NSA Quarterly
Agriculture Employment 2017 1,932,674 1,946,773 # Annual

Release Information

Wages and salaries, which include monetary payments and the value of services in-kind paid directly to the employee for work performed, are collected from monthly reports prepared by each voivodship or region. The data reflectes wages and salaries from the start of the year to the end of the reference quarter. Economic entities in the enterprice sector employing more than 9 persons are covered. The source surveys a 10 percent sample of medium size units in each voivodship, section, division and NACE group (PKD) and in each ownership sector. All Large sized units are surveyed. 

Classification: Industry activities are classified using the NACE rev.2 classification. 

Scope: Industrial activity sections A to S, all areas of Poland, all occupations, all enterprises in the enterprise sector presented by NUTS 2 region (voivodship).

What is measured? The average monthly earnings in zloty for an employee in the enterprise sector


  • Wages and salaries - Any monetary payment or any services in-kind paid directly to the employee for any work that has been performed. 
  • Calculation of the average monthly wage and salary embraces -  Personal payment which includes payment for time worked as well as time not worked including holidays, lay-off and sick leave
Frequency: Quarterly

Data are considered final when first released and are not subject to revision. Analyses, as well as studies are carried out by CSO currently.