Slovenia - Consumer Confidence

Slovenia: Consumer Confidence

Mnemonic CIC.ISVN
Unit Bal. of Opinion, SA
Adjustments Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 12.9 %
Data Jan 2023 -35
Dec 2022 -31

Series Information

Source Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
Release Confidence Surveys
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/2005
End Date 1/31/2023

Slovenia: Consumer

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Consumer Confidence Jan 2023 -35 -31 Bal. of Opinion, SA Monthly
Retail Sales Dec 2017 117.97 119.78 Index 2010=100, SA Monthly

Release Information

The published data are based on Business Tendency and Consumer Surveys, that are source of monthly information about the current situation of major economic indicators and for evaluation of their movement in the following months.

The results are shown as the balance by individual questions. The balance is the difference between positive and negative answers, expressed in percent. Sentiment indicator Is a weighted indicator of the confidence indicators in manufacturing (40%), retail trade (5%), construction (5%), services (30%) and the consumer confidence indicator (20%). Confidence indicator in manufacturing Is an average of balances to questions on production expectation, overall order-books and stocks of finished products (the latter with inverted sign). Confidence indicator in retail trade Is an average of balances to questions on sales, expected sales and volume of stock (the letter with inverted sign). Consumer confidence indicator Is an average of balances to questions on expected household financial situation, expected general economic situation in the country, unemployment expectations and household savings over the next 12 months. Confidence indicator in services Is an average of balances to questions on business situation, and present and expected demand. Confidence indicator in construction Is an average of balances to questions on overall order-books assessments and employment expectations. Seasonally adjusted dataValues are adjusted for seasonal component, which include trend-cycle component and irregular component. Data are seasonally adjusted by TRAMO/SEATS method, which is based on ARIMA models. The designing of the models is based on the time period from March 1996 till January 2007 (for Services Survey and Consumer Survey till January 2006). The designing of the model for sentiment indicator is based on the time period from January 2000 till January 2007, because of better quality of seasonally adjusted values.

The data are final when first released and are not subject to revision.