Vietnam - Primary Industries Employment

Vietnam: Primary Industries Employment

Mnemonic EPRI.IVNM
Unit Ths. # NSA
Annual 19.53 %
Data 2021 14,262
2020 17,724

Series Information

Source General Statistics Office of Vietnam
Release Employment
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/2005
End Date 12/31/2021

Vietnam: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Primary Industries Employment 2021 14,262 17,724 Ths. # NSA Annual
Tertiary Industries Employment 2021 49,072 53,609 Thousand Persons, NSA Annual
Unemployment Rate 2021 4.33 3.89 % Annual
Wage & Salaries 2021 8,045,439 7,700,497 Bil. VND, NSA Annual
Agriculture Employment 2017 23,496,023 23,816,342 # Annual

Release Information

The employed comprise all persons aged 15 years or over who:

i) during the refernce week worked at least one hour as paid employees or in their own business or profession or on their own farm, and

ii) were not working but who had jobs or businesses from which were temporarily absent becasue of illness, industrial dispute vacation/holiday/tourism/..., bad weather, mechanical breakdown or other similar reasons, and continued to have a strong attachment to their job, in the form of continued receipts or wages, salary or related payment and an assurance of return to work following the end of the leave.

Excluded from the employed group are:

i) workers who during the reference week were indefinite lay-off (exceeding 30-days) without pay or persons without jobs or businesses or farms who had arranged to start a new job (business or farm) at a date subsequent to the reference week.

ii) persons whose only activity consisted of work around the house or volunteer work for religious, charitable, and similar organizations.

The labour force consists of those who are actively prepared to make their labour available during any particular reference period for producing goods and services that are included within the production boundary of the SNA. The labour force is further divided into those who are employed and those who are unemployed. Thus the population of the country can be subdivided into three categories; employed, unemployed and not in the labour force. A person’s status depends on their activity (or lack of it) during a particular reference period (usually a week).

Preliminary data will be updated in next release.