Vietnam - Unemployment Rate

Vietnam: Unemployment Rate

Mnemonic LBR.IVNM
Unit %
Data 2018 3.1
2017 3.18

Series Information

Source General Statistics Office of Vietnam
Release Unemployment
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/1996
End Date 12/31/2018

Vietnam: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Primary Industries Employment 2018 20,465 21,564 Ths. #, NSA Annual
Tertiary Industries Employment 2018 54,249 53,703 # ths., NSA Annual
Unemployment Rate 2018 3.1 3.18 % Annual
Wage & Salaries 2018 5,154,552 4,628,741 Bil. VND, NSA Annual
Agriculture Employment 2017 23,496,023 23,816,342 # Annual

Release Information

The unemployed comprise all persons aged 15 years and over who had no work during the reference week, were available for work, and had taken specific steps for job seeking during the same week.

Job seeking activities include:

i) registration at a public or private employment offcie;

ii) application to employer;

iii) checking at worksites;

iv) checking, placing or answering newspaper advertisements;

v) looking for assistance from friends or relatives;

vi) waiting for a new job or business;

vii) persons who are always available for work but are not looking for a job due to their temporary illness, being busy in their private matters (care of death, marriage), bad weather;

viii) waiting for seasonal crop;

ix) arranging for opening their own business.

The source has not provided any methodology for this release.

Data is revised when new data becomes available