Argentina - Government Revenues

Argentina: Government Revenues

Unit Mil. ARS, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 25.95 %
Data 2019 Q2 930,768
2019 Q1 739,016

Series Information

Source Ministry of Economy and Production (MECON) - Secretary of Economic Policy - Argentine Republic
Release Public Finance
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/1993
End Date 6/30/2019

Argentina: Government

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Government Budget Balance 2019 Q2 -20,750 -50,162 Mil. ARS, NSA Quarterly
Government Expenditures 2019 Q2 951,519 789,178 Mil. ARS, NSA Quarterly
Government Revenues 2019 Q2 930,768 739,016 Mil. ARS, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt 2017 320,934,783 275,446,128 Ths. USD Annual

Release Information

For Argentina, the calculation of Consolidated Public Expenditure (GPC) includes outlays of non-financial public sector for the thre levels of government: National, provinces and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and municipalities. Quarterly.

The primary concepts in the dataset for the general government are:

  • Current revenue
  • Current expenditures
  • Current savings
  • Capital outlays
  • Total income
  • Total expenditures
  • Overall surplus

Revisions are uncommon.

The source presentation is in Argentinian Spanish with numerous abbreviations. We have identified these translations:

  • ingresos tributarios = tax revenue
  • aportes y contrib. [contribuciones] a la seg. [seguridad] social = social security contributions and taxes
  • ingresos no tributarios = non-tax reveno
  • ventas de bs. y serv. [bienes y servicios] de las adm. pub. [administracion publico] = sales of goods and services by public administration
  • ingresos de operacion = operating income
  • rentas de la propiedad netas = net property income
  • transferencias corrientes = current transfers
  • otros ingresos = other revenue
  • superavit operativo empresas pub. [publico] = public companies operating surplus
  • ahorro/desahorro = surplus/deficit
  • gastos de capital = capital expenses
  • inversion real directa = direct real investment
  • transferencias de capital = capital transfers
  • inversion financiera = financial investment
  • ingresos antes de figurativas = income before figuratives
  • CABA = Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires = Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

In the items ingresos primarios despues de figurat and gastos primarios despues de figurat, "figurat" is an abbreviation for "figurative." "Figurative contributions" is a concept that appears in government finance statistics for Argentina and Italy.

A government's "primary" budget excludes debt service.