Argentina - Wage & Salaries

Argentina: Wage & Salaries

Unit Index Oct2016=100, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 7.39 %
Data Mar 2022 561.16
Feb 2022 522.56

Series Information

Source National Institute of Statistics and Censuses of the Argentine Republic (INDEC)
Release Wage index
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 10/31/2016
End Date 3/31/2022

Argentina: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Primary Industries Employment 2022 Q1 3,554,115,569 2,600,889,378 Ths. ARS, NSAAR Quarterly
Unemployment Rate 2022 Q1 7 7 %, NSA Quarterly
Wage & Salaries Mar 2022 561.16 522.56 Index Oct2016=100, NSA Monthly
Labor Force 2021 Q4 13,590,421 13,517,000 #, NSA Quarterly
Total Employment 2021 Q4 12,643,582 12,404,000 #, NSA Quarterly
Unemployment 2021 Q4 946,839 1,113,000 #, NSA Quarterly
Agriculture Employment 2017 107,868 108,766 # Annual

Release Information

The wage index estimated from successive months by comparing the changes to both the public sector and private sector.  

The wage index is determined according to the Permanent Household Survey (EPH) of Argentina.  The Household Survey (EPH) is a national program of ongoing production of social indicators who attempt to determine the characteristics of the population. Performed with the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) and Provincial Statistical Offices.

This dataset covers the 31 largest metro areas only.

Revisions are common.