Argentina - Treasury Bills (over 31 days)

Argentina: Treasury Bills (over 31 days)

Mnemonic IRGT.IARG
Unit Annual Nominal %
Data Jan 2018 27.9
Dec 2017 29.23

Series Information

Source Central Bank of Argentine Republic (BCRA)
Release Banking - Private non-fin loans
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 6/30/1993
End Date 1/31/2018

Argentina: Markets

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Lending Rate Jan 2023 74.43 73.23 % p.a., NSA Monthly
Treasury Bills (over 31 days) Jan 2018 27.9 29.23 Annual Nominal % Monthly
Stock Market Index 30 Dec 2014 414,609 407,896 Index, NSA Business Daily

Release Information

Non-financial private loans and business loans for Argentina is collected by the Central Bank of Argentina.

Private non-fin loans:

Processed information based on data (weighted average rates per flow and duly disbursed total flows derived from loans granted to the non-financial private.

Includes 0% interest rate loans.

In either thousands of pesos or thousands of US dollars, corresponding to operations either in domestic or foreign currency, respectively. 

Business loans:

Interest rates established on credits granted to prime companies by a group of 15 institutions (from april 1993 to august 2000) or by all financial institutions

It is not possible to offer updated information due that reporter institutions could not established an interest rate policy for this kind of loans.

NOTE: this interest rate series were discontinued since August 2009.