France - Government Expenditures

France: Government Expenditures

Unit Mil. EUR YTD, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 91.58 %
Data Jan 2021 32,800
Dec 2020 389,678

Series Information

Source Ministère de l'économie et des finances
Release Government Budget
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/2006
End Date 1/31/2021

France: Government

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Government Expenditures Jan 2021 32,800 389,678 Mil. EUR YTD, NSA Monthly
Government Revenues Jan 2021 17,332 217,000 Mil. EUR YTD, NSA Monthly
Gross External Debt 2020 Q3 6,082,635 6,057,476 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt 2020 Q3 6,082,635 6,057,476 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt - Domestic 2020 Q3 1,522,658 1,490,276 Mil. EUR, NSA Quarterly
Government Budget Balance 2019 -73 -54.1 Bil. EUR Annual

Release Information

The Ministère de l'économie et des Finances (EMS) publishes monthly government expenditure and revenue data. Figures are cumulated from the beginning of the year (January 1st) through the month end (reference month).

The EMS provides information such as budget, assets and cash accompanied by a brief comment: 

    • Balance of fiscal and management; 
    • Appropriations and expenditures of the general budget by titles / categories and missions / programs; 
    • Budget revenue estimates and generally presented in state A Ways and Means (tax revenue, non-tax levies on revenue and funds of competition) to facilitate monitoring of budget execution in relation to parliamentary approval;  
    • Operation of special accounts; 
    • Cash flow; 
    • Operations Treasury correspondents; 
    • Situation of financial debt of the State.

Figures are in millions of euros (Mil. Eur) and are not seasonally adjusted (NSA).

Data is subject to revisions.

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