France - House Price Value for New Homes

France: House Price Value for New Homes

Mnemonic HPLN.IFRA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Quarterly 6.44 %
Data 2021 Q2 330,485
2021 Q1 310,484

Series Information

Source Ministère des Transports, de l'Equipement, du Tourisme et de la Mer
Release New Home Sales
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 3/31/1995
End Date 6/30/2021

France: Real Estate

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Building Permits Aug 2021 42,018 44,728 #, NSA Monthly
Housing Starts Aug 2021 23,665 28,810 #, NSA Monthly
Residential Building Permits Aug 2021 38,179 39,995 #, NSA Monthly
Residential Housing Starts Aug 2021 20,968 26,290 #, NSA Monthly
House Price Index 2021 Q2 120.6 118.5 Index 2015Q1=100, NSA Quarterly
House Price Index for Existing Homes 2021 Q2 121.3 119.2 Index 2015Q1=100, SA Quarterly
House Price Value for New Homes 2021 Q2 330,485 310,484 EUR, NSA Quarterly
Non-residential Building Permits Jun 2021 3,305 2,991 Ths. sq. m, NSA Monthly
Non-residential Housing Starts Jun 2021 2,013 2,247 Ths. sq. m, NSA Monthly
Dwelling Stocks 2020 36,997 36,615 Ths. # Annual
House Price Index for New Homes 2020 Q4 117.51 116.08 Index 2015=100, NSA Quarterly
Vacancy 2020 3,116 3,054 Ths. # Annual

Release Information

The French Ministère des Transports, de l'Equipement, du Tourisme et de la Mer reports quarterly data on the marketing of new homes for sale to individuals by type of dwelling. The data set includes average sale price, stock of new properties, new properties sold, and new properties put on the market. All figures are in unitary counts (#), not seasonally adjusted (NSA). Moody's Analytics computes seasonally adjusted (SA) counterparts.

The survey on new housing market (ECLN2) replaced the first version of the survey (ECLN) in 2017. All data has been revised with the new methodology to promote consistency throughout the entire time series.

Major changes that were made to the survey include:

  1. Widening the scope of the survey: Renovations, bulk sales, and new construction are now included. The former survey only included new construction.
  2. Detail: Information is collected for each type of dwelling (1 room, 2 rooms, etc.).
  3. Data collection: Responses are now sent directly to the survey via a file by 3 different promoters.

The basis of the survey is based SITADEL building permits filed by petitioners with mayors and departmental directorates of Equipment (DDE) and operated by the Regional Directorate of Equipment (DRE). This database is updated each quarter by the introduction of new programs authorized and removal operations whose marketing is completed.

Survey Questionnaires

The survey was conducted in metropolitan France by the cell statistics Regional Directorates of equipment. Data collection is done by investigators and/or by post.

The questionnaire has two levels:

  • The core questionnaire describes the construction program. It is filled with any new program followed by the investigation. It allows:
    • To identify the program and know its characteristics: number of building permits, name and address of the program
    • Gather evidence on its quality category, basic amenities
    • Identify the stakeholders: petitioner, sponsor, correspondent
  • Sheet portion monitors the marketing program by the number of rooms per dwelling. It started as a part or the entire program is offered for sale and marketing is being investigated during the quarter. It includes only homes:
    • The same type (individual or group together)
    • Similar (ordinary housing, serviced residences for seniors, vacation homes, housing)
    • For the collective, at the same stage of completion (planned, underway, completed)

It describes:

  • Listings or the newly available homes for sale in the quarter investigated
  • The number of homes sold: they are exactly the accommodations reserved, that is to say having been the subject of a reservation with deposit or sold without prior booking during the quarter

They may be modified on the sheet portion of the next quarter to reflect a share of cancellations (renouncing the sale despite the reservation), the other marketing withdrawals (partial or total abandonment, renting setting lease assumption, sell timeshare or whole, withdrawn from sale, processing units), or the modification of the structure by number of rooms housing market.

For homes sold, are required depending on the size of accommodation:

  • The average area of land, and terrace or balcony (in square meters)
  • The number of housing units for rental investment: this system is to buy one or more accommodations for the lease, and thus constitute a heritage and earn additional income
  • The average surface area: the main rooms of residential service (kitchen, toilet, bathroom) and movement (hall, corridor)
  • Average price: it is for the collective price of housing, parking garage or excluded, and the houses clustered in the overall price of the house, its outbuildings and grounds